Beer vs. science – first laugh, then think (what to drink:-)



  Selection of media reports, interviews and commentaries on probably
  the most discussed ecological paper of the year 2008
Grim T. 2008: A possible role of social activity to explain differences in publication output among ecologists.
Oikos 117(4): 484–487.
 See also
Grim T. 2009: The "beer vs. science" affair: illuminating drawbacks of current ecology.
Web Ecology 9: 24–29.
Funk A. 2009: O vědcích a pivech ("On scientists and beers", an interview with T. G., in Czech).
Živa 57(6): CX
Grim T. 2009: Skandál „pivo vs. věda“: zrcadlo současné ekologii. In: Bryja J., Řehák Z. & Zukal J. (Eds.): Zoologické dny Brno 2009. Sborník abstraktů z konference 12.-13. února 2009: 6869. Prezentace v PDF (in Czech)
  Commentaries and related beer-science work
Sheil D., Wunder S., Jansen P., Bongers F. & Dudley R. 2008: Hope for Bohemian ecologists – comments on „ A possible role of social activity to explain differences in publication output among ecologists?” by Tomáš Grim, Oikos 2008.
Web Ecology 8: 103–105.
Moya-Larano J. 2008: A break to moderate drinkers.
Web Ecology 8: 106–107.
Lortie C. J. 2010: A global comment on scientific publications, productivity, people, and beer.
Scientometrics 84: 539
Parker J. N., Lortie C. & Allesina S. 2010: Characterizing a scientific elite: the social characteristics of the most highly cited scientists in environmental science and ecology.
Scientometrics 85: 129–143.

Nature Blogs commentary on Parker et al. and beer science: Corbyn Z. 2010: Make mine a double.
  Lithoguru: In Defense of Beer-Drinking Scientists
  Lithoguru: In Defense of My Defense of Beer-Drinking Scientists
  Lithoguru: More on Beer-Drinking Scientists: A Response to Dr. Grim
  Media reports in English (and German:-)
The New York Times: For scientists, a beer test shows results as a litmus test (web) (printed version) (March 18, 2008; p. F4)

Die Zeit: Amsel, Drossel, Bier und Star (July 31, 2008; p. 32)

Nature Blogs: Publishing pseudoscience - can they be serious? (February 11, 2008)

Faculty of 1000: Drink or publish; or a social dimension of publication bias (September 28, 2011)

New Scientist: Beer's effect on citations (web)   Feedback (printed version) (March 8, 2008; p. 80)

The Scientist: Publishing bias out of the bottle (March 18, 2008) Why beer harms science? (February 18, 2008)

The Wall Street Journal: Beer and Birds Don’t Mix in the Czech Republic (April 1, 2008)

Null Hypothesis – The Journal of Unlikely Science: Boozy Boffins Publish Less (February 13, 2008)

The Prague Post: Who says Czech scientists have a drinking problem? (March 19–25, p. A6)

Natural Patriot: I propose a toast — even at the expense of scientific productivity (February 13, 2008)

Environmental Graffiti: Beer is Bad for Science (February 19, 2008)

EvoPhylo: Beer and Publications (February 12, 2008)

Czech Business Weekly: In other news … (February 25, 2008)

Respekt: Last week... (March 25–30, 2008; p. 66)


  Media reports and interviews in Czech
Česká televize: Události v regionech (reportáž; 20.3.2008, 19:25, ČT1)

Česká televize: Týden v Olomouckém kraji (interview; 22.3.2008, 12:30, ČT24)

Česká televize: Zajímavosti z regionů (reportáž o UP Olomouc + interview; 25.1.2009, ČT24)

VTM Science: Pivní přemítání (VTM Science 62(5): 28)

Lidové noviny: Pivo – nepřítel úspěšného vědce (19.3.2008, s. 17)

Právo: Mladý vědec: se spotřebou piva klesá vědecká výkonnost (18.3.2008, s. 7)

Respekt: Minulý týden (25.–30.3.2008, s. 66)

Respekt - blog: Pivní věda z ptačí perspektivy (20.4.2008)

ScienceWORLD: Pivo a kvalita vědecké práce (22.3.2008)

21. století: Vědecká práce a pivo nejdou dohromady (19.3.2008)

Czech Business Weekly: Z dalších zpráv... (25.2.2008)

Pinus@chicago: Čeští ornitologové nepublikují, protože pijí pivo? (20.3.2008)

Žurnál UP: Kontroverzní studie: Vědecká práce a pivo nejdou dohromady (4.4.2008, s. 4)

NEWSLETTER: Kukaččí vejce v hnízdě české vědy (prosinec 2008: 56)

Živa: O vědcích a pivech (prosinec 2009)


  Beer research in the field ...
  T. Grim (on the left) & with departmental colleague M. Veselý in the field.
  Testing the trade-off between beer consumption and performance in ... anything:-) (Bruzual, Venezuela, 2002)
  In 2002 I had a fruitful stay at Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim University, Norway:-)
  A gift from my students - "Let the science be done easily" :-)